Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Series Fiva!

I am really addicted to 2 series that I am watching right now. One is a Hong Kong series, another one is Japanese Series *sob sob* ( I am back nihon fever) Since the Korean series keep on coming in to Malaysia, I must be influence by the environment and start watching Korean series . But it does not mean I am no more Japanese series fans, I am still number 1 of Japanese series fans yoh!

Series name: 同事三分亲

Episodes : 150

Length : 30 minutes

Starring : 关咏荷, 金燕玲, 江欣燕, 石修, 欧锦棠, 汤盈盈, 蔡淇俊, 黃子雄

This is the Hong Kong Series that accompany me for the past few months. This series have 150 episodes! Haha .. shock right.. but I tell you what… 1 episode was just half an hour show… I have downloaded until episode 64. Hahaha… not even half of it. I am trying my best to follow up the latest release. Just to keep myself updated… shh .. tell you a secret. I was downloaded from my company pc… haha.. for the people who work with me and read this… wish you guys understand.. working life is too bored. Must have something to do to pass my freetime. I love the main actress in this movie 关咏荷 . If you want to know why. You must watch this series. Don’t think.. Take Action ! Download and watch.

Series name: 唯爱Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

Episodes : 10

Length : 1 hours

Starring : 龟梨和也, 绫濑遥, 户田惠梨香, 田中圣, 平冈祐太, 要润, 财津和夫, 余贵美子




This series I just started to watch yesterday… and just watch till episode 2.. but I know this must be another nice movie that must watch. Actually the main thing that lead me to watch this show was 龟梨和也 ^^ . HE is one of the KAT-TUN members. How I get to know about KAT-TUN. I have to say thank you to my very best friend again .. yuki-san . She is the one who introduce me about the existing of KAT-TUN. Haha .. she really like a virus in the house.. can inject everyone that near her.

Will intro more series whenever I am free. Good night everyone. Oyasumi-nasai!


Oyasumi-nasai! (good night - 晚安)

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